Top Ten Lexington Food Trucks of 2015

It was a heck of a year for the Lexington food truck scene. As food truck news coverage grew, more and more Lexingtonians began to take notice. The Herald-Leader hosted a few massive Food Truck Fridays with over 15 trucks in a single location. People everywhere were clamoring to get in on the food truck fun. New trucks opened left and right. Our free Follow That Food Truck location app won a few awards and it was downloaded nearly 10,000 times. It was a pinnacle year in the world of Lexington dining.

Lexington Food Trucks

Also in 2015, three trucks–Lyles BBQ, Rolling Oven, and Bradford BBQ–opened brick and mortar restaurants. Several more trucks have grand openings slotted for next year including The Gastro Gnomes, J. Render’s BBQ, and Han Cook In. The local food truck scene is going strong and looks to get even bigger as we head into the new year!

Erik and I are proud to have created a space here to share our love of the local food truck scene with our fellow Lexington foodies. It’s been fun traveling around the city, trying the different foods, and meeting the truck owners. We have our favorites, but below we’re listing the most popular Lexington food trucks of 2015 based on visits to our website. These are the trucks you searched for most this past year.

Top 10 Lexington Food Trucks of 2015

  1. The Gastro Gnomes – For the second year in a row, The Gastro Gnomes have topped the Lexington food truck charts. Is anyone surprised? Not only do they have great food but they also have great hustle. The guys work their asses off and that hard work will pay off in 2016 when they open a new restaurant in the Distillery District in collaboration with Paris-based Rooster Brewing.
  2. The Epic Cure – Based out of Richmond, Ky, The Epic Cure food truck hit the Lexington scene hard in 2015. Rarely did a week pass where you couldn’t catch their truck parked at Blue Stallion for lunch or dinner. Their rise in popularity can be attributed to their ubiquity and also their signature dishes like the BELT Burger with fried egg.
  3. Ellos Taco Cart – By now all of Lexington should know about the spicy taco and quesadilla cart often found at local breweries like Ethereal. Ellos operates out of the quaint, hole-in-the-wall grill on the corner of Maxwell and Broadway where you can catch their tasty tacos even during the food truck off-season.
  4. The Cheezy Mac – The Cheezy Mac food truck came out of nowhere in 2015 and quickly soared to become one of the most popular and sought after trucks in town. They kept a break-neck booking schedule and traveled all over the region to serve their staple starches laden with cheesy goodness. Incidentally the food truck was just sold this month, so we’re curious to see what the next step is for this popular mobile eatery.
  5. JIRL Foods – One of the more mysterious food trucks in Lexington is JIRL International Foods. The name gives no indication of the menu and the proprietors are notoriously stingy with the social media updates. The truck is hard to find, but it’s out there on the streets of Lexington each week. Clearly people are curious about them due to the visits their page gets on our website. Good luck tracking them down!
  6. That’s How We Roll – One of the oldest food trucks on the Lexington streets is still in high demand. Another hard to find truck due to minimal social media use, but they’re out there somewhere…
  7. Rolling Oven – If you haven’t eaten a pizza from Rolling Oven yet, then something is wrong with you. Second only to The Gastro Gnomes in brand recognition, Rolling Oven was out just about every night in 2015 serving up delicious pies to the Lexington faithful. Rolling Oven also moved into a brick and mortar location in downtown Nicholasville this year. Food Trucks
  8. Crazy Bout Cajun – Crazy Bout Cajun’s host restaurant Furlongs closed in 2015, but the food truck lives on. The Crazy Bout Cajun truck is a long-time staple at Lexington events including Keeneland and many of the Food Truck Fridays around town. People come from far and wide to get a taste of their authentic South Louisiana cuisine.
  9. J. Render’s BBQ – The hardest working lunch truck in the biz is J. Render’s BBQ and that work pays off in the form of loyal customers. J. Render’s not only manages their own busy schedule, but they also help other local trucks get gigs and they are strong supporters of the Lexington food truck community. We couldn’t be happier to hear they are planning a restaurant location in Beaumont Centre with a grand opening slated for 2016.
  10. Minton’s at 760 – Chef Ashley Minton’s crew landed in the top ten once again this year with their eclectic southern style menu that has garnered both the food truck and the North Limestone restaurant a beloved spot in the hearts (and stomachs) of Lexington diners. To give you an idea of their devoted following, when Minton’s generator was stolen by thieves back in March, the community stepped up and pitched in to buy a new one.
  11. Roll This Gourmet Egg Rolls – Roll This was so close to the leaderboards we made them an honorable mention at number 11. The handcrafted egg rolls and homemade dipping sauces happen to be personal favorites of ours. We hear they have big plans for 2016 so keep an eye on them next season!

What’s your favorite Lexington food truck? There are so many good ones not listed here. Join the discussion on Facebook and help spread the word!