Han Cook In: Tiny Food Truck, Big Flavors

I don’t remember the last time I referred to anything as being “cute” but that might be the best way to describe Lucy Seo’s tiny food trailer. Seo’s food truck is called Han Cook In, which she tells me is a phonetic representation of the phrase “I’m a Korean” in her native language.

Her food truck may be small (I’m not even sure if two people could fit inside), but Seo knows how to maximize her space and present some interesting and delicious meals that I haven’t previously seen on the streets of Lexington.

Han Cook In

I started hearing about this Korean food truck a few months ago. Word began spreading that a very friendly woman was serving a unique lunch at a good price on the northside of town, so I began watching for her. Han Cook In popped up on Twitter and Facebook, and then Seo discovered the Follow That Food Truck! app. Since then, she’s been easy to find almost every day of the week.

I tracked her down with the app recently and quickly realized the secret to her sudden success. For one, the food is tasty and reasonably priced. But more than that, Lucy is incredibly friendly and her personality leaves a lasting impression. She’s the kind of person you really root for because she’s clearly passionate about her business and her food.


And about that food, I tried two different dishes–the Chicken Bulgogi Fried Rice and the Dakdari. Both offered unique flavors I haven’t really experienced before. And both were tasty.

The Dakdari can best be described as a kind of Korean Hot Chicken. It was basically a fried chicken leg with a sweet and spicy hot sauce drizzle. The sauce was reminiscent of a traditional Asian flavor, but with more heat.

The Bulgogi Fried Rice was a standard dish, as you might expect, but the fried egg which Lucy cooked to order and placed on top was a nice touch.

Imagine my surprise when I was handed a Han Cook In business card and it had the Follow That Food Truck! app listed directly on it. Lucy Seo explained that she liked the app so much, she had to include it. Awesome!

When you combine the unique flavors, the nice price point, and the infectious enthusiasm of owner Lucy Seo, Han Cook In gets a top billing. Definitely check out this new truck on the Lexington streets!