Top Ten Lexington Food Trucks of 2014

It’s been a fun year for us at Lexington Food Trucks. We launched our website in July and it has truly exploded on to the Kentucky food scene. We’ve had so much fun learning about all the great events in town and sharing our finds with you, our readers. In 2014, we’ve added menus, photos, social media accounts, and contact information for 34 active food trucks in the Lexington area. We can’t believe how many food trucks we found around here once we started searching!

In addition to the truck pages, we built a free iPhone app called Follow That Food Truck! which uses GPS to display the locations of all active food trucks. The app has been very well-received and we now have over 2,200 Lexingtonians using it to find food trucks around town. We’re continuing to develop the app and we hope to launch an Android version of it in spring, just in time for the beginning of the food truck season. We also have our live map on the website which mirrors all activity on the app, so be sure to check that out as well.

Which of the 34 trucks have you tried? Which is your favorite? We’ve compiled a list of the most popular trucks on our website based on web traffic from our visitors in 2014. Following is a ranking of the Top 10 most sought-after food trucks in the Lexington area according to analytics data from the visitors on our site.

There are so many good food trucks in Lexington. We love these ten and many more of the lesser known mobile grubberies. Don’t see your favorite truck here? You can help them spread the word by sharing their page!

How about this for a New Year’s Resolution . . . try them all in 2015!

Top 10 Lexington Food Trucks of 2104

Top Ten Lexington Food Trucks of 2014

  1. The Gastro Gnomes – An innovative team of culinary specialists who create a new menu daily based on availability of fresh local ingredients. One of the most active and creative food trucks in Lexington.
  2. Minton’s at 760 – The Minton’s food truck, known as the “Little Brother” grew out of the brick and mortar restaurant operated by Ashley Minton at 760 N. Limestone. The food truck menu features “eclectic Southern fare” from pork belly tacos to the signature mac ‘n’ cheese.
  3. Waffle-E-Good – The only thing that makes a Belgian waffle better is a scoop of ice cream. Waffle-E-Good is a kind of dessert truck that’s often found in the wee hours of the morning parked outside of local Lexington hotspots like Tin Roof and Soundbar.
  4. Furlongs Crazy Bout Cajun – A long-time staple of the Lexington food scene, Furlongs also has a food truck from which they serve a specialized and rotating menu of delicious Cajun fare.
  5. Rolling Oven – Two words: Handmade Pizza. The Rolling Oven crew makes pizzas from scratch right before your eyes in their massive glass-paneled food truck. Rolling Oven is on the road almost every day serving lunch and dinner.
  6. Fork in the Road – Mark Jensen and crew have raised the bar on street food. He has never failed to blow me away with what he puts on a plate. His menu changes daily and it’s always innovative, interesting, and delicious. Mark’s new restaurant middlefork will be opening any day in the burgeoning Manchester corridor.
  7. Ellos Taco Cart – I could easily eat Ellos every day. The tacos and quesadillas always hit the spot whether they are prepared “Wildcat” or Latino style.
  8. J. Render’s BBQ – The husband and wife team at J. Render’s are champions of the Lexington lunch scene. You can find them around town during lunch most days by using the Follow That Food Truck! mobile app. We recommend the “Oh No You Didn’t.”
  9. Athenian Grill – Athenian Grill’s food truck is a bit quieter and more sparse than some of the others on our site, but they have established such a strong following at the brick and mortar location on Ashland Avenue that the food truck is still in high demand.
  10. Thai & Mighty – Thai & Mighty had a big year in 2014, gathering a strong following and eventually moving into a permanent location in the shopping center at S. Broadway and Virginia. The crew still serves yummy Thai food out of the tent at special events around the Bluegrass.

Well, that about does it for this year. Looking forward to a great 2015!


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