Roll This Gourmet Egg Rolls Brings New Concept to Lexington Food Truck Scene

Last week, we hit The Break Room to grab dinner with Roll This Gourmet Egg Rolls, one of our favorite local food trucks. Justin Taylor, owner of Roll This, is coming up with some really interesting egg roll creations that make his menu stand out among the many great food trucks in Lexington.

photo of Roll This Gourmet Egg Rolls

Row of rolls by Roll This Gourmet Egg Rolls

Taylor’s menu changes regularly, and he usually has at least one new featured egg roll that he’s trying out on his eager customers. On the night we caught him, the menu listed five different egg rolls–Cuban, Monte Cristo, Italian, ‘Merica, and the classic Carolina roll. Narrowing it down to a couple was almost impossible, as they all sounded delicious.

photo of Roll This Gourmet Egg Rolls Menu

Roll This Gourmet Egg Rolls Menu changes nightly.

I went for the Cuban and the Carolina, and both egg rolls lived up to the hype. The rolls themselves are carefully crafted and well-seasoned, but one thing that makes Roll This unique is the sauces that Taylor and crew make from scratch. The mustard sauce that he served with the Cuban was a standout for me, in particular.

photo of Roll This Gourmet Egg Rolls Cuban

Roll This Gourmet Egg Rolls Cuban Roll

Justin told us that, due to the success of his mobile food business, he has recently been able to scale back hours at his day job. The hope is to grow Roll This Gourmet Egg Rolls (and his companion business Smoke This BBQ) into a full-time job. He’s already begun looking at investing in a truck, which would allow him to combine both businesses and move out of his mobile tent.

Rapid Growth in the Egg Roll Business

Judging by the crowd he drew at The Break Room, business seems to be going well. And it’s no surprise considering the quality of food the crew is putting out. I’ve never once been disappointed.

Price points on the egg rolls are also a factor in the business’s rapid growth. The nature of the food allows Taylor to offer customers one, two, or even three egg rolls, depending on how hungry they are. That means diners can spend as little as $4 for a snack or get a full meal with two different egg roll choices for only $8.

We’re hooked on Roll This Gourmet Egg Rolls and we highly recommend checking them out next time you spot them on the Follow That Food Truck app!


Roll photo of This Gourmet Egg Rolls Tent