Aptly-named Meat Wagon Serves Top Quality Burgers to Lexington

I’d been hearing rumors about the high-quality beef served by the mobile branch of Cooper Brothers Meats. Word on the street is the special Wagyu beef Cooper Brothers sources from Japan is a must try.

So, last week, I used the Follow That Food Truck! app to track down this gourmet hamburger truck that’s aptly named . . . wait for it . . . The Meat Wagon. I wanted to see if the taste lives up to the hype.

The Meat Wagon was parked in front of The Beer Trappe on Euclid Avenue the night I happened to catch them. The truck itself is fairly unassuming, but they just launched the business a few months ago so that’s to be expected. One thing I’ve learned as a loyal #truckchaser is that sometimes the least flashy trucks serve the best food. Besides, I was more concerned with what was on the plate.

The Meat Wagon food truck

The Meat Wagon’s truck is unassuming, but the food is what counts most.

The menu listed only two options–both burgers. Apparently these guys are confident. They don’t fool with anything that distracts from the meat. My options were the Black n Bleu Burger or the Lava Jack Burger. Anytime you’re stuffing a burger with a cheese, I’m interested.

I went for the Lava Jack burger, and it was everything I hoped for. I should say that I don’t have a particularly picky palate, but I could definitely tell the difference in meat quality. The burger was delicious, and they struck a nice balance between the cheese and meat, with neither overwhelming the other.

Meat Wagon Lava Jack Burger

The Lava Jack Burger from The Meat Wagon incorporates the cheese into the patty.

The Meat Wagon Team Knows Burgers

Chef Patterson and team were all friendly and they were happy to discuss the origin of the meat and the definition of the Wagyu label, with which I wasn’t entirely familiar. Patterson was knowledgable about the product and gave an interesting lesson about the life cycle and transportation of his primary ingredient.

After my visit to The Meat Wagon, I certainly recommend their truck to anyone interested in a delicious burger, especially those who don’t mind a bit of a premium for top-quality, responsibly-sourced meat. If I had one small piece of advice for The Meat Wagon team, it would be to pair a creative side with the burger–$9 felt a touch high for a burger and potato chips. That being said, it was a damn good burger, so there’s that.

Be on the lookout for this new food truck and definitely give them a try. When they’re on the road, they switch their location on with the Follow That Food Truck! app, so they’re pretty easy to find.

Now go get your burg’ on!