Find the Food Trucks

There are over 30 active food trucks in Lexington, Ky. We know where to find them.

Lexington Food Trucks was created by a couple of regular guys from the Bluegrass area who enjoy good food. It all started late one Saturday night when we rolled out of a watering hole in downtown Lexington. We wanted some grub but we weren’t sure where to find it.

We had run up against a major obstacle for this burgeoning movement in our town. The beauty of food trucks is also what makes them so tricky: they’re mobile! It’s hard to know where they’ll be and when.

We’re trying to make it easy for ourselves and for our fellow Lexingtonians. On this website, you’ll find a listing of the trucks, a pinpointed map of the area that displays active food trucks in real-time, reviews, and news about local Lexington food and events.

We even ended up building a free mobile app called Follow That Food Truck! that uses GPS to display the location of nearby food trucks. Hope you find all of these resources as useful as we do.

Happy truckin!

— Josh and Erik